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Quote Of The Day

Your time is the most valuable asset with you; invest it, where you get best returns.”

“The more you follow others the further you will walk from your own destiny. Follow your own star and illumine the world in your own way.”

“Original men live forever it is the fakes who die.”

“The only thing that hurts harder than a failure is not trying.”



Ensure u are not ur biggest problem.
Be sure ur worst enemy is not living between ur two ears.

If u refuse to take decisive actions concerning things that matters to u..

If u continually procrastinate..

If u continually allow people to control ur life..

Then, know that u are likely to be ur biggest problem.

“Beware of no man more than of yourself; we carry our worst enemy
~C. H Spurgeon


May the Almighty God direct your footsteps as you journey into this new week.

May His ever shining eyes watch over you and your household.

May the Good Lord open the womb of every barren woman reading this message.

The Angel of death will not locate you or any member of your household.

I decree healing and perfect health into the life of anybody that is sick.

Did I hear you say Amen?

As you’ve stepped into this blog…. I pray you step into your greatness


We are where we are just because that’s where we want to be.~Zig Ziglar

Do not let the apathy that comes with growing old stops you from chasing your dream.

Weigh your options, there is always a positive choice to make – Sanni Moshood

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~Labana Events