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ayanda mabulu will keep painting jz for as long as he remains president


Ayanda Mabulu’s stock rose considerably this week after he released another painting of President Jacob Zuma. Following in the footsteps of Brett Murray, who painted the controversial piece titled, “The Spear” in 2012, Ayanda is using his art to depict his impression of South Africa’s Head of State in rather crude fashion.
His latest piece, which is untitled, raised eyebrows around the country after he depicted President Zuma and several members of the Gupta family engaging in some rather risque activities (to put it mildly). If you haven’t already seen the piece, have a look below:
The Presidency has yet to comment on the artwork, but Mabulu has revealed that he has no intentions of stopping these paintings until Zuma is removed from office (or until his term is over; whichever comes first).
“I am using my work to voice out my own grievances and to show love to the people. People should now understand their rights and be educated in that regard so that they know they have the freedom to express (themselves)”
Do you think that this is the best way to exercise freedom of expression?mgid arc content ed0dad33-a4bd-4563-ae2f-5f7c5d845316

Black Beauty: Beyonce Looks Stunning In Ankara- SEE PHOTOS




American singer, Beyonce has always been a
trend setter and a unique fashionista. She
recently shared photos of herself rocking an
Ankara long sleeve top on a black skirt and the
look is African and proud. Check out glam
photos of Beyonce’s Ankara style:

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Linda Ikeji was the reason i had a failed marriage – princess opens up

Commedienne, Princess has never stopped blaming the
bloggers and a section of the media as being partly
responsible for her failed marriage. She mentioned popular
blogger “Linda Ikeji” as the person who led the onslaught
against her former union. Princess releaved in a recent
“Linda Ikeji was part of the people who made my marriage
collapse. Have you seen her before? Do you know she is
very ugly,am finer and sexier than her.My prayers made
google shut down her blog.

“I remember going to MFM to pray about it and when i came
back,her blog was shut down”.

source: anonymous

Nokia’s new CEO Rajeev Suri took the stage on November 14, and mapped out the future of the Finnish telecommunications giant after its phone business got acquired by Microsoft.

First off, as sad as this sounds, and despite some
unsubstantiated rumors, Nokia doesn’t plan on making
phones anymore. “We are not looking to a direct consumer
return to handsets per se,” were his actual words. Still, there
is a silver lining, and it is that there is an extremely high
interest in licensing the brand, he added, so at some point in
the longer term the Nokia name “will return to the consumer
world.” Now, whether this will be with phones, or other
devices and maybe services, remains to be seen, but the
hopes that Nokia will quickly start churning out Android
handsets seems dead and buried now.
As for the other aspects of the company, the CEO mentioned
that it won’t have its HERE brand of navigation software
compete directly with Google Maps, but instead rely on third-
party licensees like Amazon, Microsoft or Yahoo, in
business-to-business partnerships. We’d say that with the
release of the beta app for Android and iOSthis ship had
sailed, as the app offers options lacking in Google Maps, like
offline navigation, but whatever rocks the boat. Nokia’s CEO
expects that all three business units – Networks,
Technologies and the mapping business – will be returning to
growth and profitability very soon, but it’s the end of the line
for Nokia phones piece that strikes us the most in the end.
Source:- Phone Arena