ayanda mabulu will keep painting jz for as long as he remains president


Ayanda Mabulu’s stock rose considerably this week after he released another painting of President Jacob Zuma. Following in the footsteps of Brett Murray, who painted the controversial piece titled, “The Spear” in 2012, Ayanda is using his art to depict his impression of South Africa’s Head of State in rather crude fashion.
His latest piece, which is untitled, raised eyebrows around the country after he depicted President Zuma and several members of the Gupta family engaging in some rather risque activities (to put it mildly). If you haven’t already seen the piece, have a look below:
The Presidency has yet to comment on the artwork, but Mabulu has revealed that he has no intentions of stopping these paintings until Zuma is removed from office (or until his term is over; whichever comes first).
“I am using my work to voice out my own grievances and to show love to the people. People should now understand their rights and be educated in that regard so that they know they have the freedom to express (themselves)”
Do you think that this is the best way to exercise freedom of expression?mgid arc content mtvbase.com ed0dad33-a4bd-4563-ae2f-5f7c5d845316

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