14 Years Old with Louboutin, Audemars Piguet, Hermes, iPhone 6 & a G550! Is Floyd Mayweather doing Too Much, Too Soon for his Daughter?

Any parent or aspiring parent will tell you that their dream is
to provide the best for their children. The best education,
the best home, the best of everything.
However, in today’s modern world, does the best extend to
luxury goods?
By every indication, superstar boxer Floyd Mayweather‘s
daughter Iyanna is a happy and well adjusted 14 year old
with 2 parents who adore and care for her.

Her instagram page reveals her positivity with encouraging
posts and love-filled words dedicated to her parents. It also
reveals a 14 year old with a lot of material possessions – a
Hermes Birkin Bag, a diamond encrusted Audemars
Piguet watch, an iPhone 6, Christian Louboutin
shoes, a Mercedes G550 and a Mercedes S550.

Floyd Mayweather is worth a reported $280 million dollars
so some might say, this is equivalent to an average income
parent buying toys and new clothes for their child.

Definitely a blessed young lady…but it is it too much, too
Photo’s below :-

Posted by spiceboss Mcnawtii


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